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Watch Alexa Moreno turn the world of gymnastics on its head - literally.

  • When the going gets tough

    Just keep tumbling

  • Watch Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno flip and tumble through scenes from her childhood as she learns and grows as a gymnast. When the floor beneath her starts to tilt, her journey quite literally becomes an uphill battle. But Alexa proves that no matter how tough things get, if you keep moving forward, you'll be that much closer to accomplishing your dreams.

When life becomes an uphill
struggle, keep rising.

  • For country not glory

  • The pride of Mexico

    When she was told that she didn't have what it takes to make it as a serious gymnast, Alexa Moreno was determined to prove her doubters wrong. Now she's the first Mexican female gymnast to medal at a world championships, and hopes to bring home even more in Tokyo 2020.